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Posted by Cheryl Alexander – Italian Excursion

With so much focus now on environmental impact it’s difficult to ignore the subject of traveling ecologically. For many years I’ve pondered the question about my own “eco footprint” since I cross the Atlantic at least, annually. It bothers me to think that I might be causing harm to the delicate balance of our atmosphere. So, in turn I’ve looked for ways to minimize that footprint and in doing so have realized that it’s not complicated or difficult to travel mindfully.

Here are some simple ways to do less damage to the ecological balance:
1) Travel lightly; less baggage means less fuel used.
2) Stay in one lodging for a length of time, using less fuel to move around, use feet more than vehicles.
3) Act locally; find out who in town grows their own food and solicit that establishment (s); buy articles made only locally, thus you’ll have to talk to and get to know the local citizens.
4) Use public transportation instead of renting cars.
5) Plant trees (or donate to such organizations) each time you travel.
6) Recycle, just as you would at home. Be aware of the type of containers you purchase.

Once I realized that all of these things are in my control and that I already adhere to them because I enjoy traveling slowly, I’m more convinced than ever that SLOW is the way to go….Happy travels, everyone!

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Cheryl has been traveling to Europe, particularly Italy, for more than fourteen years. Her interest in Italy, its history, art and rich culture led her to purchase property near Orvieto, allowing her to spend more time there. Cheryl’s exploration of Italy include the regions of Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio, as well as the areas around Venice and south towards Sorrento. She continues to travel into Italy’s less traveled regions, and enjoys sharing her discoveries with others. Relaxed, leisurely tours ( are her specialty with an emphasis on the comfort of her guests. Cheryl spends the rest of her time near the beach in San Diego, cavorting with her two small grandchildren. She’s an avid reader, health advocate and community volunteer. Her career as a social worker brings an understanding of people’s needs to the tour business.

www.slowtraveltours is an affiliation of small-group tour operators who offer personalized trips in Italy, France and other European countries.
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