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Smartphones are ubiquitous these days. Even tablets are being carried for travel more and more. And of course there are dozens upon dozens of apps to help you as you travel. It may be a bit risky putting together a list because there are so many choices, but I’d love to see comments as to what others find useful for travel.

There are many travel websites that have their own app, websites that many use to help them as they plan travel. I am ignoring the apps associated with those sites since they are already widely used and readers will know about the apps. So here is a starting list of apps you might find useful for your travels to Europe. Most of these are free, however several of them have a small fee.

Pack and Go Deluxe – Apple
Packing List for Android
These apps help you put together a packing list for your trip and can be checked as you move from one place to the next to be sure you haven’t forgotten anything!

TripIt – Apple and Android
A useful app for assembling all your reservations in one place – be they plane, train, car, hotel, visas, etc. The app partners with many travel companies and the information is entered beautifully into your app itinerary. But you can also add information from those they aren’t partnered with. And you can make notes to yourself in the app to remind you of things.

My TSA – Apple
Connects you to the United States’ TSA so you can check the rules, what you can and can’t bring on, and more. – Apple
Lists your rights as a traveler should you run into trouble with some aspect of your air travel.

Gate Guru – Apple and Android
Locates food, shopping, and service options at airports.

XE Trade – Apple and Android
Enables you to find currency exchange rates for the world’s major currencies.

JiWire Wi-Fi Finder – Apple and Android
Locates wi-fi world wide. You can download the database to your device so you don’t need a connection to find a wi-fi spot. You can also add wi-fi locations you find to their database.

DB Navigator – Apple and Android
Lets you check train schedules all over Europe.

Offi Public Transport Buddy – Android
Gives you departing times for local public transport in many cities worldwide, and locates nearby public transport stations or stops.

Spotted By Locals – Apple and Android
City travel guides compiled by and added to by locals in each city. They show food, drink, art, culture, shopping. Arranged by category or area with maps. You pay for each city you install.

SayHi Translate – Apple
Google Translate – Apple and Android
Translates using speech – requires an internet or phone connection.

Ascendo Dictionary – Apple
Italian/English dictionary with a free and $10 version, the former with 20% of the entries of the paid version. Works offline.

QuickDic – Android
Free, very large dictionary in many different languages that works offline.

Trip Journal – Apple and Android
Make a journal of your trip as you go with maps, pictures, notes and videos. Share via social media. Costs $3.00.

There you have my starter list. What apps do others like and find useful?

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2 Responses to Apps for Travel

  1. Effie Best says:

    My favorite travel app is CityMaps2Go for iPhone and iPad. There is a free lite version and a small charge for the full version. Once you have the app, you can download maps of many cities and areas all over the world. Then you can use the downloaded map without internet connection and the GPS will help you navigate. Wonderful for wandering around strange cities without fear of getting lost

  2. Bill Steiner says:

    I checked it out and they also make one for Android. Thanks for the tip! Bill

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