Burano, Italy | A Color Photographer’s Paradise

Burano, a small island in Italy’s Venetian Lagoon, has been one of our favorite places to photograph since we first visited this colorful gem over 25 years ago.

Magrit and I have returned many times since and now bring groups of photographers here during our Venice Photo Tours.

Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_1299 Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_1298 Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_1296 Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_1291

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This blog text will be shorter than our normal entries. For us, Burano is all about the imagery that we joyfully record with our cameras. Therefore we will let the photos tell the story this time.

However, if you decide to spend a day in Burano (which you should definitely consider when you visit Venice), rest assured that you will find many restaurants to choose from. The Gato Nero, for example, is a highly rated destination restaurant. Overnight accommodations are sparse. There are no hotels and only a few B&Bs. Magrit and I spent a couple of nights here years ago and loved being the only tourists on the island, experiencing the lively interaction between the locals and watching music and dancing on the main square.

Burano is also famous for its lace-making tradition. You can watch the process and buy lace and other souvenirs in many little stores.

Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_1144 Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_1140 Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_1134 Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_1133

Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_1129 Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_1118 Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_1056 Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_1055

Per square foot, I can’t imagine a more colorful place in the world and we have been to quite a few other locations in search of colorful architecture. Not only is Burano over-the-top colorful but the colors which the local residents use are also very pleasing which is not always the case in some of the other colorful places we have visited around the world.

Burano is located 4 miles north of Venice and is reached via a 40-minute vaporetto (the public water bus) journey. If you have a multi-day pass for Venice, this route is included.

Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_926 Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_905 Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_900 Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_899Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_898 Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_811

Like Venice, Burano is flat and made up of islands and canals with numerous bridges and also like in Venice, there are absolutely no cars. We love this aspect of Burano and Venice. Foot and boat travel forces us, or better, allows us to slow down. Burano is not large, only 52 acres, so visiting the whole island on foot is possible to do in a couple of hours. Of course, if you are photographers like us, you will want to allow half of a day or more to get lost in the labyrinth of lanes and back alleys. By the way, it is much easier to find your way around here than in Venice as Burano is so small.

Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_809 Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_806 Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_804 Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_764

With our photo tour groups we like to journey to Burano in the mid-afternoon and spend 2 to 3 hours photographing before we grab an early dinner so that we are ready to head out to photograph during the evening blue hour, 30-45 minutes past sunset. Burano is great for blue hour photography with its colorful homes, canals and streetlights providing warm illumination that balances beautifully with the intense deep blue of the evening sky and water in the canals. Don’t forget to stop your aperture down to f 16 or f 22 to produce sharp starburst of the streetlights. Bring your bug repellent for these evening photo sessions.

Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_733 Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_660 Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_587 Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_586 Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_577 Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_547

Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_357 Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_347

So if you really want to slow down and get away from the crowds of Venice, grab your camera and take the vaporetto to Burano for a real photographic treat.

Every year we go back to Burano and every year we find new corners and angles and new colors to photograph. In 2017, we will be visiting Burano on two photo tours: The La Serenissima Photo Tour from May 16-20 and the Venice to the Dolomites Photo Tour June 12-22. Come join us!

Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_326 Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_305 Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_304 Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_302 Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_299 Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_298 Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_107 Burano_Italy_Venice_Photo_Tours_100

J_M_150x150(1)Jim and Magrit have been photographing professionally and traveling in Europe for the past 20 years.

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The tours are not just about getting great photographs but also have the side benefits of doing so in wonderful environments. Great food, wine, people, and ambiance.

Read more about Jim & Magrit and their wonderful photo tours here: (http://photographytraveltours.com/about/).

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