Introducing "Caves and Castles"

Montignac sur Vezere

We’re very pleased to introduce the newest member of Slow Travel Tours, Caves and Castles, led by Steve and Judie Burman.   Steve and Judie are Brits who relocated several years ago to the beautiful Dordogne region of southwestern France, an area known for its incredible archaeological sites and magnificent castles.  This is an ideal location for the Burmans, since Steve is a professional archaelogist and historian.   

Steve and Judie Burman

Steve and Judie have a philosophy that fits perfectly with our group, and they have a very unique area to share. They offer a variety of trips each year, based at their renovated farmhouse near the Vezere River, just outside the village of Montignac and a few miles from the famous Lascaux cave.   Most of their tours involve a full week, but they do offer customized tours for those who have less time to spend in the area. 

The Burmans are blogging for us this weekend, so please check back to meet them and learn more.  Bienvenue Steve and Judie!

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