Duck, Duck, Goose… Walnut!! The Cuisine of the Périgord — 2 Comments

  1. Kathy,
    Although I read this post yesterday, I am still thinking about all the wonderful Dordogne foods that you described so well. The photos further contributed to making my mouth water! Will those in your tour group have the opportunity to try most of these? The food alone makes me want to go!
    Susan Manfull

  2. Susan, glad you enjoyed this post about the cuisine of the Dordogne. Yes… our groups will have the opportunity to try almost everything on my list: magret de canard, confit de canard, the potatoes, an omelette with cepes, the garlic soup, and foie gras. (I’m not sure we had anything with truffles last year…) Of course, we always provide other alternatives, but it’s an opportunity for many people to expand their culinary comfort zone! My personal favorite is magret de canard… I order it whenever I can.

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