From our 2010 Scrapbook

I’ve spent the last few days organizing hundreds of photos… maybe thousands… from this year’s European Experiences trips and reflecting on the people and the experiences that made 2010 so special. Charley and I hosted four groups in the Luberon and two groups in the Cotswolds this year… 68 travelers from four countries, including 20 US states. It was especially fun to have eleven people in our Cotswolds groups who were back with us for a second experience.

Since this is my last post of 2010, I thought I’d close the year by sharing a few photos from our 2010 scrapbook. We’re fortunate to host our groups in truly incredible places, but it’s the people who join us who make each week so memorable. We come together on Saturday afternoon as strangers and say goodbye the next Saturday morning as good friends. Our goal is to make each person’s experience week their “best vacation ever,” and we appreciate all 68 of our 2010 travelers entrusting their vacation to us. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously.

Women's week picnic near Lioux (May 2010)

Gordes overlook (May 2010)

Lunch at Domaine Faverot (May 2010)

At Domaine Faverot (May 2010)

Hiking to Lacoste (May 2010)

On the Mediterranean (May 2010)

Visiting the Matteis (May 2010)

Rollright Stones in the Cotswolds (June 2010)

On a Cotswolds hilltop (June 2010)

Dinner at Janice's (Sept 2010)

On the way to Lacoste (Sept 2010)

Our family will be spending the Christmas holidays in Bonnieux, the little village in Provence that means so much to us. And we’re looking forward to new experiences in 2011: back to the Luberon in May, June and September and our first Chianti Experience trips in mid June.

From our family to yours… we wish you a very special holiday season. Happy travels in 2011!

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Kathy and Charley Wood lead European Experiences, week-long “slow tours” in some of the most beautiful areas of Europe, including The Luberon Experience in Provence, France. Their 2011 trips will include three weeks in the Luberon and two weeks in the Chianti region of Tuscany, Italy.

Kathy and Charley have been traveling in Europe for almost 20 years and love sharing their special places in Europe with others travelers. Read more about Kathy and Charley here. Kathy, Charley and their daughter Kelly are looking forward to a family Christmas in Bonnieux… and to new experiences and friends in 2011.

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