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  1. Such a delightful and enticing post, Nedra. I loved hearing your story, as well as the marvelous and authentic experiences you share with your guests. Having just returned from Italy, this makes me even more eager to return!

  2. Anne, thank you so much! It would be my pleasure to host you. I promise to introduce you to places and people rarely seen by tourists. I’ve been told my tours are quite different from others, which makes my heart sing.

  3. We Loved our tour this past October and we Love Nedra! I have known Nedra for many years and she brings Knowledge and Experience to any tour you want!

    It amo
    Nedra! ??

  4. Hi, I will be traveling by myself the week of April 7th to Italy, I am a foodie and enjoy wineries & cooking. Do you have any tours available? Or can you recommend any? Thanks:-)

    Y. Yvette Alexander
    AA Flight Attendant

  5. Dear Yvette, thank you for contacting me. My April 28th tour in Umbria & Tuscany is still available. What part of Italy will you be spending time in?
    If you could give me more information I would be happy to help.
    You can contact me directly at
    Kind regards,
    Nedra Marie Bottieri

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