Experiencing a Village: Bonnieux — 5 Comments

  1. You’ve made me feel like I’m THERE, Kathy. Bonnieux is a favorite spot of ours, too. The first time we saw it, it was sunset and the village was silhouetted in the rosy glow – breathtaking!
    Thanks for sharing-

  2. Oh, how I enjoyed your blog! My first trip to France was the only country I didn’t enjoy. Now after many other wonderful trips, I know it is the people and type trip that makes the difference. I so want to go on the “girls trip” next year. Thanks, Theresa

  3. Bonnieux is indeed a magical place. My husband and I were lucky enough to be on one of Kathy and Charley’s trips to the Luberon and absolutely loved every minute of it. Kathy, I so loved reading your description. I wish we were back there now. Slow travel in a small group is a fantastic way to go!

  4. I have been “taken away” by your lovely description of Bonnieux and the Luberon, Kathy. Soon we too, will be truly taken away to join you and yours for one week of slow-touring, doing what we love most….painting the region, sharing the culture and meeting the wonderful people! This year is most special….it’s the first time I will have my art students and art enthusiasts accompanying me on our “joint” tour, multiplying the fun and sheer delight we have had for the past 5 years touring other areas of France, painting many beautiful cities and countrysides. We will soon have our color-filled brushes in hand, thrilled to be visiting the markets and charming area towns.
    How lucky are we?!!!!

  5. … counting the days (and trying to get everything in 1 suitcase) until the “girls week.” See you and Charley soon
    I’ll be sure to blog about the special trip when I return

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