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  1. We really enjoy your blog.
    In your explorations of Modena, I hope you have had a chance to meet Davide at his Acetaia Villa San Donnino. We have visited him and his wife Christina in their historic property twice and have sent several friends there over the years. Their special and very delicious balsamico is produced in the traditional method and their hospitality and enthusiasm for their production is contagious.
    GRAZIE e felice anno nuovo!!!

  2. What a wonderful journey of the people you know though the lovely food and items they make and share with you. This really captures what is so special about your little area of Italy that you enjoy and share with others!

  3. I’m sure you recognised some of the people and already knew how kind and generous they are. Since I wrote the blog, I’ve been given some pork ribs by a farmer who rears the rare breed Mora Romagnola and a head of red radicchio by Eugenia (in the shop) because I was only buy green radicchio and she thought I should have a mixed colour salad. Fantastic!

  4. Laura, thanks for your recommendation. San Donnino is indeed on my list of acetaia to try. It’s one of the ones recommended by Benedetta of Salotto dell’Arti, a lovely 5-room B&B in Modena. Her brother works in a different acetaia, so another instance of generosity.

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