How to Find Dubrovnik’s Famous Buza Bar

Dubrovnik, Croatia is one of the most famous walled cities in Europe. Inside the walls there are many places to enjoy a drink, but one of Dubrovnik’s most famous watering holes is the Buza Bar.  Just outside an unmarked door in the city wall, you’ll find this:


Perched on rocks overlooking the Adriatic sea, the tables of the Buza Bar have mind blowing views and are a justifiably famous stop for many a traveler to Dubrovnik.

It is not so easy to find this bar, because the door leading to it is not marked “Buza Bar” or even “Bar.” If you want to go there when you are in Dubrovnik, here are some instructions to help you find the way.

First, make your way to the Dubrovnik Cathedral (Dubrovacka katedrala in Croatian.) It is easy enough to find your way to the cathedral with the simplest tourist map (or ask a local.)  Find your way to the east end of the Stradun (main street) and with the Stradun behind you, look right. You should then walk into the square pictured below and then into the square just to the left. In the picture you see the side of the cathedral – you want to go to the front:


Now, face the front door to the cathedral, and then walk to your left. You’ll see some vendors of lavender and lace, and a restaurant called Karmen Terrace. Go up the steps there and pass in front of the restaurant terrace, which will be above you.

Make a left after the terrace. You’ll see a narrow street heading up to the city walls, with first three steps, then a bit higher up, eight more steps. Up a little higher, three more steps and now you can see the city walls. You will pass a restaurant called Konoba Ekvinocijo (on your right.)


When you reach the city walls, make a left. You will see a door in the wall.


Carved into the stone above the door reads Vrata S. Stjepana, Probijena 1945. Walk through that door, down the steps, and you will be at the Buza Bar!

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There are actually two Buza Bars; this one, in my opinion, has the most striking setting. However, this particular Buza Bar is only open from May 1 – November 1. The other Buza Bar is open a little earlier in the season. To find it, follow the instructions above but at the city walls make a right instead of a left. You’ll see a sign that says “cold drinks with the most beautiful view.” Keep walking and after a couple of minutes, you’ll see a sign reading “Cold Drinks” and pointing towards a door. Through that door, of course, is the other Buza Bar:

Both have beautiful views and a unique setting outside the historical city walls of Dubrovnik.


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We visit the Buza Bar  on the GrapeHops tour of Croatia.  Please join us on this epic adventure of wine, food and history.


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