Italy is a Sensory Experience — 1 Comment

  1. Charley:
    Enjoyed your comments about Italy. It really is an experience that touches every one of yours senses…and so much more. My wife, Marianne, and I spent 3 incredible weeks in Tuscany 3 years ago. Our first week we had incredible host, Fernando and Rosetta Scattini, and stayed in Magione, Umbria. He took us everywhere. Rosetta cooked, entertained us in the evening, took us to the market and an olive oil mill. The next two weeks I rented a car and drove us all around Tuscany. Heaven.
    We are hoping that we can also fall in love with Provence. We have read every thing Peter Mayle has written and I, just recently, started reading your “A Chateau in Provence”. Fun read. And, dangerous. I will retire in about two years and we both want to experience France and Italy (again). Who knows, maybe we can come to Bonnieux. David Jones

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