One of the great benefits for us is not only knowing from what people say that they have enjoyed their stay with us – whether for a full board, fully residential Cave Art & Castles Tour or self catering holiday, we’re also left more tangible evidence.
Picasso could teach them nothing
For many, the great attraction of this area and what they are drawn to (no pun intended!) is the cave art. There is no doubt about it, it is stunning. Picasso said when he visited Lascaux – “I can teach them nothing, they know it all – perspective, how to show movement, light, shade” The cave art is certainly not crude daubings or carvings. It’s often perfectly executed, showing seasonal changes in animals coats and anatomical detail. And remember, we’re talking about art produced up to 30,000 years ago!

Having seen the various caves and the varying styles, often visitors feel the urge to draw – and our Livre d’Or (literally Book of Gold – Visitors’ Book) is sometimes chosen as the ‘canvas’. It’s great! We love leafing through our book and the pictures are instant reminders of many happy times. It truly is a treasure house of great memories.

Our season has started early this year and already a family has stayed at Les Rosiers on a self-catering basis and spent days out with Steve. The children, Zoe (10) and Leo (12) were enthralled by the caves – so much so that completely unprompted, Zoe wrote a lovely message in our book on behalf of her family and also added drawings which make it even more special.

We were spending their last evening together and not only did Zoe draw in our Book then, but they had both specially drawn us a picture. What finer way to express how much they had enjoyed themselves? They are certainly pictures we will treasure.

Caves & Castles Zoe's Painting

Zoe’s Painting

Caves & Castles Leo's Painting

Leo’s Painting


Cartoon courtesy of Warp

The Suppressed Paintings of Cavewomen

We are also sent magazine cartoons from time to time by people who have visited us here. It’s terrific to get an unexpected letter through the post with a cartoon or two tucked inside. We really appreciate the thoughtfulness and again, it brings back happy memoires for us – and obviously the memories have lingered in our guests minds too.

But the most amazing record to date is the graphic journal produced by artist Megan Baehr. She took a Tour with us to research for a graphic novel she’s planning to write and whilst here kept a diary. She’d be curled up on a settee happily drawing at every opportunity – I loved having a peep over her shoulder, she’s very talented. When she returned home, day by day her Travel Journal unfolded starting from when she left home. We avidly watched each day to see the story developing.

Megan Baehr's Vezere Valley Venture

Megan Baehr’s Vezere Valley Venture

You can see Megan’s journal and other information on her website.

Then a total surprise arrived in the post – a printed copy of the Journal. Leafing through it is like reliving the Tour! Her powers of observation are incredible and we marvelled at the intricate details she’d picked up both here at Les Rosiers and when out on visits. Again, this is a book we treasure – I wonder if there will be a sequel to it one day! That would be great as it would mean a return visit by Megan – it’s ‘on the cards’ so it’s entirely feasible. Our visitors often do return – whether for another Tour or to rent Les Rosiers again. This year we have two families both of whom are making their 4th return visit.

So having got off to a great start this season, we’re confident it’s going to continue that way, especially with our ‘returners’ coming to stay again.

If you want to know what other visitors think about our Tours and staying at Les Rosiers, see our Visitors Book.

We hope we can look forward to welcoming you here in the Vezere Valley – it’s known as The Land of Painted Caves for very good reasons!

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