My Villa in Italy, Chapter Three

civita castellana

kate mccavitt

Bagnoregio, water color by Kate McCavitt

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  1. Linda Paine says:

    Hello from Portland Oregon,USA. My husband, Robert (Bob), myself and our 14 year old granddaughter will be flying to Florence on July 18, 2012. Our older grandaughter will be in a play, Romeo and Juliet. With the Festa Theater Co. She will be playing Juliet. So we are very excited about being there in Florence and seeing her in a play. We have never been in Italy or anywhere in Europe. Could you tell us about what we might find there. Besides walking about the town, what is close to maybe take a bus or tram? For sightseeing and picture taking. Thank you for any information you might share with us. Thanks Linda Paine

  2. Sadie says:

    I’m in Italy! Wat’s your granddaughters name?

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