My New Definition of Retirement — 6 Comments

  1. Hey Charlie:
    I love it! Maybe one of these days I too can live my fantasy of a picnic in the south of France..

  2. Charley, you’re my hero. Not only a great writer and tour leader and family man (not necessarily in that order), but you’ve created such a wonderful and fulfilling direction in your life (lives). At this rate, may you never “retire.”

  3. Charley, I am reading your first book now and am enjoying it immensely. Takes me back to the magical memories of our time in the Luberon. And I also envy you, I too am thinking about retirement and it scares me. I would love to be able to “retire” the way you have. Maybe we can talk when we see you later this summer and you can give me pass on some of your wisdom.

  4. Charley, the best thing about your ” non retirement ” is that by great good luck I found you and through your wonderful travel groups , and because of the friendship you and Kathy have shown me, my lifelong dream of visiting France has been realised, and will continue to be re-affirmed as long as we both are upright … :) and keep on writing, I love your stories.

  5. Sandy, we’re equally happy that we found each other! Looking forward to the Dordogne together this summer!

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