Poppies in Provence

Provence is famous for lavender, but me—I prefer the poppies…

Beautiful poppies near Bonnieux

… the “coquelicots” that bloom in May.

Poppies along the roadside

Farmers plant fields of poppies just for their beauty.

Poppies near Bonnieux

We can always find poppies around Bonnieux and Lacoste…


… and near colorful Roussillon across the valley.

Roussillon poppy fieldPoppies in Roussillon

The poppies offer some of the best photo ops in Provence…

Poppy photo op

Everyone loves the poppies in Provence. 

MarybelleDorothy and Jim

Poppies make people smile.

Sarah DavidAlyssa

Some people lie in the poppies. Some seem to swim through the flowers.

In the poppiesSwimming in the poppies

And some can’t help skipping.

Skipping through the poppies

Some poppies share their field with other flowers.

Rield near RoussillonField near Lacoste

Some poppies are sown by the wind, growing here and there…

Poppies in ProvencePoppies in ProvencePoppies in Provence

… along a wall

Poppies i Lacoste

… near an ancient bridge

Pont Julien

… around castle ruins…

Chateau at Lacoste

… and among the vines.

Poppies at Domaine FaverotPoppies at Chateau la Canorgue

Later in summer, we sometimes see poppies and lavender together.

Poppies and lavenderPoppies and lavender

Our friend Françoise painted this picture of Bonnieux and the poppies. It hangs in our home, a reminder of a special friend, a special place, a special time of year.

Coquelicots à Bonnieux

Reminding us that soon we’ll be back in Provence with the poppies again.

Happy in the poppies

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6 Responses to Poppies in Provence

  1. Eleanor says:

    Such beautiful photos Kathy, I’m converted!

  2. Jean says:

    Your friend Françoise is a very talented painter.

  3. Marty Leighton says:

    Thank you, Kathy, for posting these beautiful photos…The open fields and the bright red-orange poppies were my absolute favorite thing about Provence. It all reminded me of my childhood in rural New Hampshire and I felt so at home there. I was missing it all the other day and was so happy to find your pics. Thanks again!

  4. Karen Boswell says:

    Kathy & Charley,
    Could you please tell me what time of year the poppies are in season? Is it May through to end of June. Or just May?
    Much appreciated

  5. Kathy Wood says:

    Karen, the poppies in this area of Provence (the Calavon Valley north of the Luberon) usually bloom in May, depending on the weather. Fields seem to bloom at slightly different times and are at peak usually only about two weeks. By mid June you’d normally begin to see lavender in bloom.

  6. Karen Boswell says:

    Thanks Kathy
    Much appreciated

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