Signs and Symbols: Remembering the Unique Past of Alsace — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you, Kelly, for this very comprehensive and well-researched article. When we visited Alsace, we were wondering how the locals were able to deal with the back and forth of belonging to either country and their mixed cultural identity.

  2. Thank you, Kelly, for such an informative piece. It drives home the complexities of wars that pit neighbor against neighbor, and reminds us of the important lessons in history.

  3. My grandfather came from Alsace in the late 1800’s. He settled in a steel mill town on PA. He and his Irish wife had 11 children. 3 died as youngsters. The other eight grew to adulthood. My dad became a dentist in the town & married my mother. They had 8 children, Grandpa lived to be 97. My dad lived to be 104. 3 of my siblings are still living. I would like to visit Alsace & see if any relatives are there.

  4. Thanks for sharing your family history in Alsace. We hope you’re able to visit… it’s such a beautiful and interesting area of France.

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