Repairing Cobblestone Streets

If you have traveled to Europe you are probably familiar with cobblestone streets. They come in many shapes and forms. Some are torn up and hard to walk on like in Rome. Others are smooth, but with a nice texture under your feet. For me, they are always beautiful.

I think Oriveto’s street are beautiful because of the arched pattern which, if you really take time to look, boggles the mind. How in the world are they able to create these intersecting arches so precisely and beautifully?  With an artist of course!

I had the great good fortune to be in town this past fall as some repair to the cobblestone streets was going on. I watched two guys lay down cobbles after the road had been torn up for some reason. Not only are the streets beautiful, the process of laying down the cobbles is too.  Truly, the guy laying the cobbles is an artist. He carefully chooses each stone, eying it before he selects it, sometimes looking over and rejecting it, sometimes trimming just a tiny little bit off. Then he uses his hammer to adjust the sand before tapping the cobble in place.


He sits on this little one legged stool that allows him to rotate and pivot as he reaches for stones then puts them in place.image

He has a line that he uses for alignment and height since there is a crest in the street for drainage.






Here is a link to a YouTube video I took of him laying the stones in place. Beautiful!! Orvieto Road Repair

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