Seeking Simplicity — 3 Comments

  1. Dear Kathy, I read your lovely Slow Travel piece with a little tear…beautifully written and very moving. Remembering all the lovely friends we made on your tour as well as the gentle local people and not knowing how they may have been affected by this awful virus as well as the lockdowns. And yes, dreaming about travelling again to those magical places. Stay safe all.

  2. Deb, thanks so much! It’s good to know that my words and photos could reach across the miles. It’s interesting that the virus has given all of us around the world a shared experience. We’ve loved traveling with you, your mum and your sister… what great memories we have together.

  3. As usual Kathy you have expressed so many of my own thoughts.. possibly this has a lot to do with my total number of trips ! SO very disappointed to miss number nine .. for this year anyway. But, I have a strong expectation that will come to pass in the future. Meanwhile I remember every trip, every door, every window, and the most minute details of gardens , views, and not forgetting markets and SHOPPING. Best of all the cherished memories of friendships made and continued. It is ten years this month since my first trip.!! And I say again “ you changed my life… “ , and I simply could never have been where you have taken me without you. Thank you for all the energy you give in organising European Experiences. Thank you and Charley for your wonderful friendship.

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