Travel Tips: Traveling Safely and Securely in Europe Today — 3 Comments

  1. This is a very helpful contribution on the issue of concerns about the safety of travel in Europe. We have no fear at all about returning to Paris in a few weeks. We will walk through the neighborhoods, go farther via the Metro, and enjoy sitting outside the cafes – en terrasse. Thank you to all you leaders of Slow Travel Tours for your insights and encouragement.

  2. Thanks to you all, you have said all I had , but I wanted to add my name. Some years ago our then PM had fridge magnets sent to every household … ” be alert, not alarmed ” … our official response to the horror of 9/11 … When I am in other countries I am indeed alert, try to be informed and leave plenty of time between flights/trains etc. Only a complete fail in either the body or the cheque book will stop me. 🙂

  3. Life is too short and you want to experience as much of this beautiful world as you can. If you travel you get to see new things and meet many wonderful people who enrich your lives. You have to embrace life!!!!

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