Warm Thoughts in the Middle of Winter

As winter harshness descends with another cold blast this week, I find myself beginning to turn thoughts towards our upcoming trips this spring in Italy. It is not just the warmer weather but the warmth of Orvieto and Italy that draw me. What is it that attracts? Why do we Americans so love this country? Many things. It is, in part, the integrated life. It is the way of life, the texture of life, the living with all the senses engaged all the time that appeals. It’s life on the street. It’s looking anywhere and being met by sights that delight and engage the eye. It’s the food that

Adventures In Italy

Simple,delicious food

unfailingly rewards with incredible flavors and tastes that are so pleasant you look at each other, smile, and exclaim. It’s the movement of people providing endless diversion. It’s the intimacy of the spaces and places that evoke security and contentment and well being. It’s diversity in food, environment, people.

Food and wine trips

People mix readily during the passeggiata

In Italy there is a continuity to places and the day. It occurs in part because you are on your feet walking, in touch with the surrounding environment. You sit in a restaurant, rich in historic detail and emerge onto a street equally rich in detail, full of people, and built to a human scale. These kinds of transitions occur all day long. There is art everywhere, from the great masterpieces to the way food is displayed in the market. It seduces, it envelops, it warms

And so as the cold invades again this week I begin to warm myself with thoughts of what’s to come in the not-too-distant future. I can handle the cold with those warming images!

Kristi and Bill Steiner began leading “learning vacations” to Orvieto, Italy in 2003. Through Adventures in Italy they provide a cultural immersion experience. Many trips include the pursuit of some kind of creative work that complements and reinforces exploration of Italy’s culture. Relationships built over the years enable Kristi and Bill to provide experiences that a typical visitor to Orvieto never gets.

Trips are held in May and September/October every year. Their Discover Orvieto and Taste of Orvieto trips are available to groups any time of the year.

Learn more about Kristi and Bill’s trips. Stay abreast of Adventures in Italy developments, and follow Bill’s musings about travel and Italy on his blog Make Haste Slowly. View Bill's photos of Italy, Orvieto, and other memorable places at steinerstudiophotos.com, and follow him on Instagram.

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